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Hi, I'm Kimberly!

I help mission-driven organizations boost impact with communications that reach audiences and resonate. 

A few ways we can collaborate...

Brand Development

Stand out to your target audiences by polishing your distinct voice, visual presence, and point of view. We will solidify your brand identity so it's cohesive across all channels.

Strategic Planning

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, increase revenue, or build thought leaderhip, we will build a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Communications Management

From strategy development through evaluation, you will benefit from my research, copy writing, design, and data analysis skills.

As a dedicated communications professional, I understand that:

Your work deeply matters to people and communities.

Limited time and resources require creative solutions.

Cultivating strong relationships is vital.

Communicating strategically about who you are, what you do, and why it matters is a game changer.


What a force of nature. Kimberly is a joy to work with and a marvel to watch as a ‘boss’...Of course, she has developed amazing PR and strategic communication skills, building on an innate talent for creative writing and strengthening her social media and media relations skills through hard work. But really, it’s her personality that brings all the value. She’s passionate, funny, hard-working, super-organized, self-reliant, proactive and emotionally clever. You’ll want her on your team.

Valentina Moressa

Sr. PR Professional and Yogapreneur

Kimberly Absher is one of the most dynamic, spontaneously brilliant, witty and wonderful people I have ever met. She is a driver, powerhouse of a woman with clear, devoted passion for equality, women's rights and the betterment of our society through education and empowerment... Kimberly will be an extraordinary addition to any organization and is a Must Have for a thriving team. Recruit her at any cost. Your investment will return immediately.

Danica Kilander

Associate Director, IDEA Institute

Kimberly is one of the most driven and passionate professionals I have had the pleasure of working with... She continuously created innovative programming that appealed to students and community members from across a diverse spectrum. She is passionate about creating safe communities and empowering others to become leaders within their own communities. Any organization would be lucky to have her unique skills and will be more effective because of her drive and passion.

Sasha Kesler

Special Projects Manager to the Chief of Staff at NYC Dept. of Social Services

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