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Work Samples

A sampling of my work including case studies, brand development, crisis communications, and more. For more information, please contact me.

Case Study:
Health Campaign for Latino Youth

Health promotion is my specialty within communications. This case study, created for a graduate course, details a campaign aimed at reducing health risks for Latino youth, particularly those born outside the U.S.


This sample demonstrates my ability to clearly summarize research  and deliver a well-designed case study.

Crisis Communications:
Harambe Incident at the Cincinnati Zoo

As part of the Strategic Communication curriculum, I analyzed the Cincinnati Zoo's response to the 2016 Harambe incident and provided a three-month crisis communications plan.


This document demonstrates my knowledge of crisis communications processes and ability to make strategic organizational recommendations.

Podcast Episode:

The Real Reason We Use Salt and Pepper


For the Media Content Creation and Promotion course, I learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and Audition. Using Audition I created a podcast based on my communications role with BoTree Seasonings. The short audio offers an interesting introduction to the real reason salt and pepper are found virtually everywhere.


This audio shows my ability to come up with a podcast concept, write and record a script, edit audio clips, and tell a compelling story. 

Blog Post:

BoTree Farm's Ethical, Organic, Award-Winning Kampot Pepper

As BoTree's communications specialist for almost two years, I've written countless blog posts about their products, accolades, and recipes. But writing about their farm on the coast of southern Cambodia, a place of so much history and provenance, always felt special.


This short blog post demonstrates my ability to tell a story in a brand's voice. You can see more posts at kampotpepperdirect.com/blog

Media Relations:

BoTree in Good Housekeeping Magazine

During my time with BoTree, their brand and products were featured in The Telegraph, Fine Food Digest, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and BBC Good Food Magazine (twice).


In addition to writing pitches to journalists and coordinating with event organizers for more brand coverage, I also supported brand management efforts to position BoTree in their target markets.

Blog Post:

BoTree Partners with Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

BoTree does an excellent job of building and growing partnerships with retailers, distributors, and other food and drink producers.


The partnership with Milk Street was exciting from a global expansion perspective, and also because of how well-respected Christopher Kimball is as a food expert. This blog post announces that partnership to our valued audiences.