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Your communications manager for every stage

Whether you're a groundbreaking new organization or have a decades-long history, I'll help you refine your goals and achieve them. We will create a communications plan tailored to your unique mission, brand, and objectives.

As we put it into action, your organization will benefit from a stronger voice and impact.

As a professional Communications Strategist, I use marketing, PR, and advertising  to connect your organization to key stakeholders.


My skills include:

  • Crafting communication plans

  • Brand development

  • Relationship management

  • Social media

  • Identifying and deeply understanding target audiences

  • Campaign development, implementation, and evaluation

  • Writing case studies, web copy, fundraising letters, and much more

  • Training, presenting, and public speaking

You can view my resume here. And I made a digital story of my career journey here.


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I spent my formative years pretending to be a mermaid on the North Shore of Oahu. After moving to Seattle, I spent several years living abroad in Korea, France, Belgium, and Thailand. Now I split my time between the Pacific Northwest and Saskatoon, Canada. When not nerding out about communications, I love to cook/eat/talk about food, hang out with my husband, bike, walk (sometimes with our kitten, Styx), and read non-fiction.

A bit about me personally...

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